Cliff Rock climbing daytrip in Dubrovnik

Cliff Rock climbing daytrip in Dubrovnik
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En résumé

  • Niveau de sensation: Sensationnel
  • Langues parlées: anglais, croate
  • Condition physique: Sportif occasionnel
  • Age minimum: 14 ans minimum
  • Durée: 4 h
  • Politique d'annulation: 
    Super flexibleAnnulation GRATUITE avec remboursement intégral 24H avant le début de l'activité.
  • Lieu de RDV:
    Ivana Matijasevica 6
  • Saisons d'ouverture:

Description de l'activité

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular around the world and a here’s few very good reasons why rock climbing is fun and you should try it!

Rock climbing is a whole body workout. It helps build your confidence and trust, trains your focus and helps you look great in pictures. Besides, it is a good excuse to escape the crowds in Dubrovnik city and do something completely different with experienced Dubrovnik climbers.

A mere 15 minute drive from Dubrovnik town and you'll find lime stone rock that is equipped with climbing paths with different level of difficulty. Grades range from 4b to 7a, offering a quality day of climbing and it is also very good place to have your first climbing experience. Here your instructors will give you a short briefing on rock climbing basics, safety, the use of equipment and provide you with a harness, rock climbing shoes and a helmet.

The tour guides are also experienced climbers so you can learn how to climb in a safe and controlled environment. Don't worry, your guide will climb with you using a style of climbing called 'top rope'; where the rope runs from your instructor who is belaying you up through the anchor at the top of the climb and back down to your harness. This allows you to focus on movement, technique and getting stronger instead of worrying about falling.

Experience the art of climbing and create a great memory of your holiday!

Conditions particulières

Pricing details per person:

2 people: 90€

3-4 people: 65€

5-8 people: 55€

  • Helmet and harness
  • Rope and climbing shoes
A prévoir
  • Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather conditions
  • Sneakers or similar closed shoes
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Bottled water and snacks
Lieu de RDV
Ivana Matijasevica 6 Itinéraire


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We did many activities and tours whilst we were in Dubrovnik but Cliff rocking was definitely our favourite. I booked it as a surprise present for my boyfriend because I knew he'd love it but I, myself was a bit nervous beforehand. It was challenging but I ended up doing a lot better than I had expected and had just as much fun (I don't recommend doing it with false nails though haha)

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