Indoor skydiving in Europe's biggest wind tunnel in Madrid

Madrid, Espagne
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Indoor skydiving in Europe's biggest wind tunnel in Madrid
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    anglais, espagnol, portugais
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    de 30 min à 2 hrs
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Madrid Fly-logoOrganisé par Madrid Fly

Description de l'activité

Madrid Fly is the largest wind tunnel in Europe, offering you the experience of free falling without having to jump out of an airplane. The concept is simple, yet genius: Four big engines with propellers that move air up in a powerful, adjustable vertical stream.

By lying on top of this stream, you will float and experience the exciting sensations of flying without airplanes, parachutes (phew!). The best is that after only a little preparation and guidance, anyone can learn how to fly in Madrid Fly. You are guaranteed to have an absolutely safe and supervised experience at all times, which makes it suitable for anyone from the age of 5.

If your craving to experience free-falling, then their first flight products are ideal for you. All you need to do is be ready to have the time of your life, and bring your biggest smile! The certified instructors will take care of the rest, they will guide you step by step through the entire process.

First, you will be provided with the necessary equipment (suit, googles, earplugs and helmet). Then they will teach you how to fly. Don´t worry, it´s easier than walking! After a quick lesson is completed, which it usually lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, you will be ready to fly. Your instructor will guide you to the flight chamber where you will experience for the first time the amazing feeling of flying, be sure to put attention, you only get one first time!

Once your flying sessions are over, you can return your flying equipment and  get ready to watch your flight video and pictures! Remember, if you are planning on flying wear comfortable clothes and shoes (preferably trainers) with laces!


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