Cuasacas canyon in Proaza near Oviedo
Cuasacas canyon in Proaza near Oviedo
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The Cuasacas canyon in Proaza near Oviedo offers an outstanding day of exploration! Whether you chose the beginners of the advanced, fun in assured!

Among the many options the Asturias region has to offer when it comes to canyoning, Deporventura has chosen the Cuasacas canyon near Oviedo to offer you an experience the unique feeling only the descent of a ravine can offer. Surrounded by a magical environment, this activity consists of descending through a riverbed.

Deporventura invites you on this amazing canyoning itinerary in which you'll come across spectacular waterfalls, jumps into pools, water slides carved by nature and walk along the river!

Deporventura offers two canyoning options, both in the Cuasacas Canyon: a beginners and an advanced itinerary.

The beginner's canyoning trip is suitable for everyone since it's quite easy and fun. This canyoning descent will last 2 to 3 hours and will be adapted to families with adventures 7 years or older. 

The advanced segment is for canyoning lovers. They have selected the most spectacular ravine in all of Asturias, with waterfalls, impressive jumps, and waterslides of up to 8 m. This full-day itinerary will blow your mind!

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1Cuasacas canyon: Beginners
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2Cuasacas canyon: Advanced
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