Beginner's windsurfing lessons in Ios
Beginner's windsurfing lessons in Ios
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Description de l'activité

Master the Meltemi with beginner's windsurfing lessons from Mylopotas Beach in Ios.

There's one reason the great and the good of windsurfing's elite descend on the Cyclades islands in Greece - the infamous Meltemi. A strong northerly wind that attracts storm chasers from around the world to islands like Ios, its foreboding reputation as one of the strongest coastal winds in the Med makes its a top destination for foil and speedriders looking to break records during the annual Paros Wind Odyssey every summer. Take your first step to joining the pros with taster lessons and beginner's bundles on the safe, shallow shores of Mylopotas Beach.

Mylopotas is the main beach on the Greek island of Ios renowned for its infamous high-pressure wind system, the Meltemi. The Cyclades are a popular destination for windsurfing due to the strong northerly winds - with the annual International Windsurfing Association's Paros Wind Odyssey taking place every July. Whilst there is no airport on the island, Ios can be reached by ferry from Athens and other close islands, such as Santorini, Milos, Folegandros and Paros. There are ferries from Piraeus - the main port of Athens to Ios 4-5 times per week, while in summer there are also ferries from Rafina port to Ios.

Head down to the safe and shallow waters of Mylopotas Beach for beginner's windsurfing lessons. Choose from a 3-hour taster course or a 10-hour bundle that will have you blasting on flat water before you know it! Start on the sand with an introduction to the board and sail - learning about the main weather conditions that can affect handling and navigation. Once you have mastered your three-point mantra (mast, feet, boom) and T-stance you will move into the water, getting a feel for the basics of steering and tacking. Using the light winds in the bay, practise sailing to a chosen point on the water - keeping your balance and learning how to manipulate the sail. If you are on the longer course, you might even get the chance to try harness riding, planing, water-starts, carve gybing and duck gybing.

Mylopotas Beach is in a sheltered cove with shallow, warm water and light winds. The sandy bottom is free from obstructions and has minimal chop. The Meltemi is most powerful in July/August when it blows from North/Northeast - starting suddenly and continuing for several days. 

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1Beginner's Group Lesson: 3 hours
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2Beginner's Group Lesson: 10 hours
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Meltemi Watersports, Mylopotas, Ios 840 01, Greece Itinéraire
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