Windsurfing for beginners in Santorini
Windsurfing for beginners in Santorini
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  • Niveau sportif
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    grec, anglais
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    de 1 h 30 à 2 h
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Description de l'activité

Ready to catch the wind while in Santorini on your board? Learn how to windsurf in the island of Santorini - one of the greatest spots for windsurfing. Learn how to ride the board and to manage the sail on the beach, and get in the water to try out windsurfing for your first time. 

Accessible to everyone, this beginner course takes place in Avis beach, near the airport of Santorini. The beach is quite wide and not so crowded which makes it ideal for everyone to take his first steps windsurfing. 

The experienced instructors will give you an introduction on the beach and then help you get on board in the sea. Under constant surveillance, this activity is an introcuctory course to windsurfing - but most of all... great fun! 

With the beginner windsurfing lesson you will be able to try out windsurfing in Santorini. There are two lessons offeres: 

1) Intoductory : to learn the basic steps in spend 45 minutes in water

2) Full Beginner Lesson: A 4 hours windsurfing guide. You will have the intro, 45 minutes in water with the instructor and 1 hour of free rental to try windsurfing on your own. You can split the course in two days, taking the basic info on the first day and practicing on the second. The purpose of this windsurfing course is to be able to free sail with confidence. 

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1Introductory Lesson
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2Full Beginner Lesson
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Lieu de RDV
Avis Beach, Santorini Itinéraire
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