Freediving basic course in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Freediving basic course in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
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Description de l'activité

On this "Freediving 101" course you will learn the basics so you can freedive safely by your own and understanding your limits.

This two and a half day course will teach you everything you need to know so you can become an independent diver. Focusing on three aspects, theory, confined water practice, and open water practice, Freediving Tenerife will make sure you are always safe and that you know your limits when freediving by yourself.

During 2 theory sessions held in the mornings, you will cover equipment, equalization and safety. Afterwards, you'll have a breathing session where you can learn how to breathe before and after a dive as well as important relaxation techniques. Try not to fall asleep during this one!

Then, you’ll hit the pool or ocean, depending on location, to practice what you’ve learned. First, you will start with static apnea, which is holding your breath with your face submerged but not moving. Once you're comfortable, your limits will be pushed for a maximum breath hold in safe conditions. Don't worry, you will always be in good hands!

Later, you’ll be taught correct finning style and you’ll try a little dynamic apnea. We'll do lengths of the pool underwater until your technique looks great! Last but not least, you’ll be taught rescue techniques so you can safely practice in your own time with a buddy.

Now for the best part, the ocean. After finishing up the remaining theory and watching some interesting videos, you'll return to the ocean 3 times in total and try out some depth diving. You’ll learn the coolest looking way to slip below the surface and the coach will gradually increase the depth.

During the whole practice, you'll be using a professional freediving buoy and rope setup so you can be confident in pushing your limits. You’ll start off with a style of diving called Free Immersion which is basically pulling yourself down (and back up again) along the rope. This way you’ll get used to the pressure and make sure the equalization techniques that you have learned in the theory are working just fine.

Once you’re comfortable we'll start with the Constant Weight diving. This is just a fancy way of saying finning down and back up again. You will become the envy of everyone you go snorkeling with. And finally, we can practice the rescue techniques that are used by professionals in freediving competitions. This is great to know, just in case and will make you a much more confident diver.

The Freediving Basics course is AIDA International Approved.

Possible spots (depending on weather): Abades, Alcala, Tabaiba, La Calete, Montaña Amarilla

16 ans minimum
Politique d'annulation: 
modérée1) Si vous annulez plus de 10 jours avant la date prévue de l’activité
→ Vous êtes automatiquement remboursés à 100%

2) Si vous annulez entre 10 jours et 4 jours avant le départ de l’activité
→ Vous serez éligible à un remboursement partiel de 50%

3) Si vous annulez 4 jours ou moins avant le début de l’activité
→ Aucun remboursement ne sera possible
Description de l'offre

Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands which are really close to Africa. Thanks to this fortunate location, Tenerife has great weather all year round, there is no rainy or windy season, though it can get a little cold at night in the winter.

On this volcanic island, which has lots of great sites for snorkelling and fun dives, your basic course will be conducted on a small bay with a family of turtles.

Most of the training sites are a short swim from shore however a boat is available if more depth is required. With such a variety of training locations you’ll never get bored as you can train somewhere different every day.


AIDA Two Stars certification 


You must be at least 18 years old.

Participants must be able to swim 200m without stopping.

Participants must be able to snorkel 300m non stop.

Conditions particulières

16 year-olds must have a consent from a parent or guardian

Hotel pickup: to be arranged with instructor after booking

Il est interdit de prendre l'avion dans les 18h à 24h suivant une plongée.

  • Complete freediving equipment
  • Hotel pickup
A prévoir
A prévoir
  • Food and drinks
  • Swimming costume/shorts
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
Lieu de RDV
Hotel pickup. Alternatively make your way to Avenida Moscu, 2 Inside Hotel Isabel, 38660, Ténérife Espagne Itinéraire
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