Paragliding flight in Tenerife with the Spanish Champion
Paragliding flight in Tenerife with the Spanish Champion
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    espagnol, anglais
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    de 1 h 30 à 2 h
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Description de l'activité

What about experiencing paragliding and having an unforgettable experience flying in the south of Tenerife with a champion in the sport!

An expert team of instructors, led by the 2018 Spanish Paragliding Champion, Daniel Crespo, will take you on an exciting paragliding flight. The team's philosophy is to have fun, and they will make sure your flight becomes memorable!

You'll be picked you up at your hotel at the agreed time or meet at their office in Adeje. After a brief lesson, you'll be ready for your flight! The team will always choose the take-off site with the most favorable conditions for the day: Ifonche (1,000 m.) or Taucho (780 m.). If the weather permits it, you'll land on the beach.

During the flight, you will experience different phases. Starting from the anticipation and excitement of the takeoff phase, an exciting part in which you'll gain height by taking advantage of the rising air currents, to climb as high as possible. Finally, the relaxing phase will allow you to glide out to the coast.

The paragliding flights have an estimated duration of 20-25 min. depending on the weather conditions. What can be guaranteed is a lot of fun and the team's best effort to make your flight an unforgettable adventure.

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3) Si vous annulez 4 jours ou moins avant le début de l’activité
→ Aucun remboursement ne sera possible


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Lieu de RDV
Pick up at your accommodation (in the South of Tenerife). Alternatively: Calle Chafra S/N, 38679 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Itinéraire
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