Adventure dives in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Adventure dives in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
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Description de l'activité

Adventures dives is a great way for certified divers to get to know the subaquatic world of the spectacular Canary Islands, namely Tenerife. Visit the most popular spots and discover the abundance of sea life exclusive to this area!

Your expert PADI Divemaster will take you out to explore a variety of spots, from simple dives to reef dives, caves dives and much more! There are spots that suit scuba divers of all levels and can be adapted to your expectations. 

Examples of dive sites you'll visit:
Twin Wrecks
These two steel boats sunk in the middle of a sandy area where marine life has flourished under the shelter of these two wrecks. You will descend down the anchor and go round to the wreck, where you'll find a huge school of dogfish, amberjack, trumpet fish, hermit crabs, scorpion fish, rays of medium-large, cherubs.
Depth: 22 meters
Location: 4 minutes from Moana Diving

The Meridian is a wooden sailing ship resting on a sandy bottom at 30 meters depth. The wreck was sank voluntarily in 2005 to create an artificial reef for the sea life of the surrounding area. On the sandy bottom you can find striped mullet and garden eels swimming about the wreck. You'll also see amberjack, bream, bucks and bream. This is an advanced dive depth that has some some strong currents.
Depth: 30 meters
Location: 12-15 minutes from Moana Diving

The Condesito is a wreck of a freighter that was carrying cement, it sank in 1971. The wreck is in the middle of a rocky canyon with very colourful volcanic formations. On this dive you'll find, trumpet fish, mullet, octopus, cuttlefish, bream and fire worms. 
Depth: 15-25 meters
Location: 15-20 minutes MOANA DIVING

Palmar’s Cave
You'll anchor on a rocky platform that is 18 meters deep. Here you'll see huge schools of garden eels, roosters, big rays and angelfish. You may also see the statue of the Virgen del Carmen and a cross in front of the cave's entrance. This adventure dive is characterised by the multitude of eels (picopato and murion) of various sizes that live in cracks and holes of the platform. This is very often a favourite amongst divers due to its magnificent visibility conditions.
Depth: 18-35 meters
Location: 12-15 minutes from Moana Diving

Alibaba's Cave
This is a deep dive with possible current that requires an advanced diving qualification and suitable experience. You'll anchor on the rocky platform that's about 30 meters deep, near a rocky pinnacle that indicates the entrance of this large cave. Here you'll find a large number of shrimp, eels, stingray and maybe even large burrfish. When you leave the cave you'll find a lot of black coral on the rocks and a number of large grouper and stingray that live deep in the sea. You'll continue the dive, gradually ascending to reach the wreck of The Condesito where you'll do your safety stop. Along the way you'll see schools of barracuda and sardines, as well as some rays, moray eels and lobsters. 
Depth: 40 meters
Location: 15 minutes from Moana Diving

Brain's Cave
Stunning large cave with three vaults in which you can ascend to the surface inside and breathe the air that slips through the cracks to the outside. The boulders on the bottom ensure a fantastic visibility that allows you to enjoy many red reef lobsters, shrimp, anemones, eels and some stingrays. The name derives from spongy rock formations shaped like a brain. This spot is very different from all others on the island and is very similar to the famous Mexican Cenotes.
Depth: 15 meters
Location: 20 minutes from Moana Diving

Deep dives
Black Coral Arch
This is a deep dive with possible current that requires an advanced diving qualification and suitable experience.You'll anchor on the rocky platform that's about 30 meters deep, near the cliff where you'll begin your descent into a spectacular rock arch full of black coral. You'll bump into stingrays and large groupers that'll be swimming around you. You'll then start your ascent to the rocky platform, where you'll find lots of shrimp, rays, moray eels, lobsters and schools of barracuda as you approach the coast for a safety stop.
Depth: 45 meters
Location: 15 minutes from Moana Diving

Shallow dives
El puertito
This is one of the most famous diving spots in Tenerife. It is located in a bay, sheltered from the wind and currents, making it a very quiet dive site. The main attraction of this place are the friendly green turtles who love to approach divers. you may also see octopus, crab, harlequin scarlet lady, lobster canaria, trumpet fish, etc.
Depth: 6-14 meters
Location: 8-10 minutes from Moana Diving

Roncadores palmar
You'll anchor on a 6 feet deep volcanic rock platform and will then cross the sides of the canyon until you reach a sandy area, in which you'll usually find a big school of dog fish that gives name to the dive. Among their holes and cracks can find scarlet lady, trumpets, moray eels, octopus, anemones. In the sand you may see some rays and angelfish (in the right season). This dive us simple and extremely entertaining.
Depth: 12-24 meters
Location: 12-15 minutes from Moana Diving

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