Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour, from Gullfoss
Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour, from Gullfoss
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The dancing Northern Lights in the sky over Iceland is one of the things you must absolutely experience in your life! Ridding a snowmobile will be the perfect complement to this.

On the highest point of the Langjokull Glacier away from the city lights, you'll have a once in a lifetime view of the mystical Northen Lights over the snowy mantle!

Your trip starts at the famous Gullfoss waterfall parking lot. This is one of the most visiited waterfalls in all the country. From here you will meet your guides and head to Langjokull Glacier where you'll get all set. The atmosphere will be amazing, the silence of the night only disturbed by the snowmobile's engine roaring as you cruise over the snow.

Since you'll be riding in the dark, you'll have a professional and knowledgeable guide showing you the way. Only him and the snowmobile's headlights will show you the way! If the weather is kind, you'll experience the magnificence of the Northen Lights dancing right on top of you! It's almost indescribable, the silence, the cold and the wind will put you in a zen-like state!

Once the excursion has ended, you'll reheat with some refreshments courtesy of your guides. 

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Mountaineers Of Iceland: Gullfoss Café, Gullfoss, 801 Selfossi, Iceland Itinéraire
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