Tandem paragliding flights over Vik y Myrdal, Iceland

Vik i Myrdal, Islande
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Tandem paragliding flights over Vik y Myrdal, Iceland
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A bird's eye view is a rare vantage point that people get to experience, but the lucky ones among you can experience the sublime landscapes of Iceland from above with this exciting tandem paragliding flight!

A tandem paragliding flight is a a great way of enjoying all the stunning area of Vik y Myrdal has to offer and the best part is that no experience is needed! Your expert instructor will take care of absolutely everything as you sit back and take in the panoramas.

Before you take off, your instructor will inflate the paraglider and carry out a few mandatory safety checks. Once he's satisfied that all the safety protocols are respected, you're ready to go! You'll take a few steps down a slope until you're floating in the air along the southern coast of Iceland!

The entire experience will last 2 hours, 15 minutes of which you'll be in the air.

You have 2 options available:
- Tandem Flight
- Tandem Flight + video & photos


1Tandem flight from the South Coast
2 h Débutant
2Tandem flight from the South Coast + video and photos
2 h Débutant
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Vik i Myrdal
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