Tandem Paragliding flight in Norma, near Rome
Tandem Paragliding flight in Norma, near Rome
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  • Niveau sportif
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    néerlandais, anglais, français, italien, espagnol, allemand
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    de 25 min à 40 min
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Description de l'activité

Come soar over the ancient city of Norba and see the world from a bird’s eye view.

Sail in the sky and savouring the incredible views of the sea and the mountain ridges of the Apennines. As you continue to fly, you'll have the opportunity to soar over Norma, an ancient city perched above a cliff with stunning views of the waters below. It's considered one of the oldest and best-preserved examples of town planning in Italy!

Even in the middle of winter, the thermal conditions in the mountains will give you the ultimate flying conditions to take off from the mountainside. Feel confident in knowing that you will be guided by an experienced tandem pilot who is seriously passionate about flying.

At the meeting point, you’ll be driven up to the launch site by the team. From there, you’ll get acquainted with the details of the take-off and landing process as your pilot securely straps you in your flying equipment. After a safety check and a quick safety briefing, get ready to take flight into the open sky!

During the flight, you can try your hand at piloting the glider, making some aerobatic manoeuvres, or just enjoy the relaxing flight as you take in the breathtaking views from above.

The flying site of Norma is located in the Province of Latina and is 80km from the centre of Rome. It's easily reachable by car or train so don't worry about the complications of getting there! 


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Circonvallazione Antica Norba, 8, 04010 Norma LT, Italie Itinéraire
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