Jet Surfing near Rome
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The impossible is now possible! Experience the thrill of surfing without any wind or waves by trying this up-and-coming extreme sport that’s taking over the surfing world.

Jet surfing is a new, action-packed watersport that uses a motorized surfboard in order to carve the water whether you’re in an ocean, lake, or inland waterways! Flat surfaces won’t be able to stop you from having an epic surf session and nearly anyone can jet surf since it’s easy to learn and no prior surfing experience is necessary.

Professional instructors will make sure you’ll learn the skills needed in order to ride with ease. If you choose to ride with the Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2019,  you’ll also be given waterproof walkie-talkies so that the instructor can give you advice any time. Choose from two models:

eSurf S1 board (8 years old and up): This board is easy to control since you’ll be able to switch the speed and stop the board with a simple click of a button on the wireless controller. You will get to reach a maximum speed of 26 km/h for up to 20 minutes.

- Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2019 (14 years old and up): This is the ideal model for adrenaline junkies since you will get to reach a speed of 55 km/h. Whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, you will get to ride with ease since the jet surfboard has three fins, giving more support for difficult maneuvers.

For your next holiday, feel the excitement of trying this new extreme watersport with the only company in Italy where you can rent jet surfboards! 

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1eSurf S1 board (20 min session)
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2eSurf S1 board (1 hr session)
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3Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2019 board (Lesson 1 - 70 min)
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4Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2019 board (Lesson 2 - 60 min)
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5Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2019 board (Lesson Package - 3 hours)
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