Canyon Swing from 160 metres near Kathmandu
Canyon Swing from 160 metres near Kathmandu
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Canyon Swing at the Last Resort is one of those activities that you don't hear about until you're there. Although bungee jumping from the same location is their hallmark activity, the Canyon Swing offers you twice as much free fall to enjoy a great adrenaline rush!

For the Canyon Swing, you'll be fitted with a chest harness, which is attached to their twin rope swinging system. There are cables that attach you to the pivot point of a pendulum like system and you swing at its end for a total of about 12 seconds.

After the thrilling swing, most people retire to the Karmabar site, where you can bond with other swingers over a glass of beer and some daal and bhat (rice and lentil soup) for lunch. You're usually done with the swing by 2pm and the bus leaves around two hours later, so there is plenty of time to roam around exploring the place. You can go to a viewing section to see other people swing or enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gorge and dense jungles on either sides of the bridge. You can utilise the resort's sauna treatments (for an additional cost).

To get from Kathmandu to the swing spot, you'll have to arrive at their premises in Thamel at 5:45am. The bus ride is three hours long. However, the company on-board the bus is often diverse and interesting so you won’t be bored, making the bus ride an experience in itself! You'll pass through winding roads and lush green hills broken by tinkling waterfalls and stop at a breakfast place on the way. but it is still a good idea to pack some snacks and water for the ride.

Breathe deeply and take the plunge - you won't regret it!

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You will be picked up at your accommodation in the Kathmandu area and taken to the bungee jumping spot, which take about 4 hours (one way) Itinéraire
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