Surf camp in Stadlandet, Norway
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  • Niveau sportif
  • Langues parlées
    norvégien, anglais
  • Durée
    de 2-3 jrs à > 1 sem.
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Lapoint Norway-logoOrganisé par Lapoint Norway

Description de l'activité

Learn to surf in one of the most spectacular surf destinations ever, and catch your first wave as you just take in the scenery. Pick the package suited for your level of surfing and take advantage of the experienced instructors who’ll help you reach your surfing goals.

A typical day
You get up early and enjoy a good breakfast with the rest of the team, and then head down to the beach and do a run-through of the day. Some warming up, a bit of stretching, and then it’s surf time! 2 hours later, and your body will probably be worn out, meaning that it’s time for lunch. What you do the rest of the day is pretty much up to you, but with amazing nature, a lot of in-camp facilities, and great people, there’s plenty enough to do in order to have a great time.

Who is the Level 1 beginner surf course for?
This course is for those of you that have never surfed before, or that haven’t surfed in a while and want to go through the basics one more time. You'll have a fun and encouraging introduction to surfing, and share the stoke when you catch your very first waves. In groups of 6 surfers per instructor you’ll develop your skills in line with your level and catch as many waves possible. It’s all about having fun together with the other surfers.

Who is the Level 2 Green Wave for?
This level is designed for those of you who have passed your level 1 or can catch and ride a white water wave on your own. Level 2 will focus on getting to the outside (lineup) in waist high waves. You'll be taught to catch green waves and ride the face of the wave instead of going straight in the white water.

Politique d'annulation: 
1) Si vous annulez plus de 10 jours avant la date prévue de l’activité
→ Vous êtes automatiquement remboursés à 100%

2) Si vous annulez entre 10 jours et 4 jours avant le départ de l’activité
→ Vous serez éligible à un remboursement partiel de 50%

3) Si vous annulez 4 jours ou moins avant le début de l’activité
→ Aucun remboursement ne sera possible


13D/2N: Level 1 and 2
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24D/3N: Level 1 and 2
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35D/4N: Level 1 and 2
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48D/7N: Level 1 and 2
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Lieu de RDV
Hoddevik, 6750 Stadlandet, Norway Itinéraire
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