Reindeer sledding excursions in Tromso
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Looking for an authentic Norwegian experience? Want to try something completely different? Tromso Arctic Reindeer invites you on an amazing reindeer sledding trip followed by a taste of local culture!

The Sami people, the original inhabitants of Scandinavia, have been living side by side with reindeer for centuries. Thanks to Tromso Arctic Reindeer, you'll have the chance to have a taste of this amazing culture. From the moment you'll arrive at the reindeer camp, you'll be warmly welcomed by the reindeer herders who will teach you about these amazing animals and their role in Sami culture. At the camp, you'll spot a herd of around 200 animals and other 1000 or so in the mountains running free!

In winter, you're guaranteed to have one of the most amazing experiences of your life! You'll be really close to the reindeers and you'll also get to stay warm in a lavvu, a traditional Sami tent as you listen to the traditional joik, Sami singing! Tromso Arctic Reindeer has 2 packages for you choose from. In both cases, you'll be picked up at Tromso and be driven to the reindeer camp, 25 min. from the city.

The first thing you'll do after arriving at the camp and being welcomed is feeding the reindeer. Around 200 reindeers will quickly surround you, some might even get so comfortable with your presence that they'll eat right from your hand! Then, on a different area, you'll be taught how to use the lasso and you'll practice this new skill on a target resembling a reindeer.

Then the main event will be next! You'll be able to ride a sled with a capacity of 2 people being pulled by a reindeer! The short option will include a 5-10 min. ride, whereas the long option will include a 35 min. ride. After this amazing experience, you'll be invited to a gamme or a lavvu where you'll have something to eat and get warm as you enjoy some traditional joik singing!

By the end of your excursion, you'll feel like a Sami! A 25 min. ride back to Tromso will allow soaking in an incredible day in the wild!

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It's a fun-filled activity where my partner and I enjoyed a lot! This amazing experience is totally worth its price!!!

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