PG2 Course Full Pilot paragliding course
PG2 Course Full Pilot paragliding course

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Description de l'activité

This is it! After the PG2 Full Pilot paragliding course in Queenstown, you will be able to proclaim yourself a paraglider!

Unfortunately, humans don't have wings, but with the PG2 Full Pilot paragliding certification, you'll have as much freedom as if you had wings. During this course, you will experience the power of free flight and float like a bird over the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand's breathtaking Southern Lakes.

After completing this course, you'll become an independent pilot fully trained in the discipline. Also, your new skills and knowledge will allow you to relax and thus stay safe guaranteeing you can fly anywhere! The PG2 is the required license to fly unsupervised in NZ given out by the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

The PG2 usually takes 10 to 16 days, but the length of the course depends on your availability, the weather, and how well you progress!

16 ans minimum
Heure de départ: Heure de départ à valider avec votre Pro
Politique d'annulation: 
modérée1) Si vous annulez plus de 10 jours avant la date prévue de l’activité
→ Vous êtes automatiquement remboursés à 100%

2) Si vous annulez entre 10 jours et 4 jours avant le départ de l’activité
→ Vous serez éligible à un remboursement partiel de 50%

3) Si vous annulez 4 jours ou moins avant le début de l’activité
→ Aucun remboursement ne sera possible

Course Syllabus:

Flight skills. Demonstrated competency in the following skills:

- Equipment set up and pre-flight checks
- Controlled forward inflations and launch
- Big ears, with/without weight shift
- Controlled reverse inflations and launch
- Pitch and roll control in straight flight
- Coordinated high and low bank turns.
- 360 degree turns left and right with pitch and roll control
- Rear riser control, use, and limitations.
- Speed bar, big ears, and speed bar.
- Controlled landing into the wind within 20m of a predetermined spot on 2 consecutive flights.
- Top landings, slope landings ( optional for available sites)
- Wingovers (optional)
- Asymmetric collapse (optional)

Knowledge and attitude:

- Knowledge of rescue parachute deployment and PLF
- Understand alternative landing approach methods
- Appropriate site, weather and risk assessments.
- Demonstrate a “safety first” attitude for self and others.
- Know and obey the right of way rules when flying with other aircraft.

Flight Experience (student log book to be sighted by an instructor before signing).

- Total 150 mins flight time including a total of 100mins achieved in NO MORE THAN 10 flights. 
- Total 40 flights from authorized launch sites. 
- Flights from at least 4 different launch sites to at least 3 different landing areas, 1 of these sites must be inland. 
- At least 5 take-offs in winds of 5 knots ( 9 km/hr) or less.
- At least 5 take-offs in winds of 9 knots (17km/hr) or more.


Participants must have completed the PG1 Course
All participants must be in good health.
Minors must have authorization from their parents.

Conditions particulières

Please get in touch with your guide after booking to arrange the specific meeting time.

  • All necessary equipment
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  • Accommodation
A prévoir
A prévoir
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable closed shoes
  • Sunscreen
Lieu de RDV
Infinity Paragliding School: Flight Park, 793 Malaghans Rd, Queenstown 9371 Itinéraire
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