Rafting down the Paiva river in Arouca
Rafting down the Paiva river in Arouca
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Flowing through the Arouca municipality of Portugal, the Paiva River is among the best rivers in Portugal in which you can enjoy a thrilling rafting descent!

The Arouca municipality hosts the Arouca Geopark, a national park that englobes exceptional geological heritage of international relevance. The park host some amazing features such as the Canelas giant trilobites, the Castanheira Parental Stones, and the Vale do Paiva trace fossils.

Through this amazing natural area flows the Paiva River. This river is best known for the Passadicos do Paiva, a series of walkways located on the left bank of the Paiva. These walkways stretch 8 km. and allow visitors to witness the unspoiled beauty of the region such as quartz crystals, and endangered species, and the powerful waters downhills, which are the challenge you'll face!

The Paiva River's characteristics make it one of the best rivers in Portugal for whitewater sports. The difference in altitude between the narrow throats and the rocks in the flow of the river create powerful rapids that you'll be required to sort! The Paiva is well known by rafting enthusiasts all around the globe and it hosts the FIAB (International Festival of White Waters)!

Clube do Paiva has three different portions of the river for you to experience the thrill of rafting. The three options are divided by level of difficulty: the Meitriz-Areinho has class II rapids and is perfect for beginners and families with young children and will cover 10 km., the Espiunca-Travanca is 10 km. long and classified as class III and requires children to be 12 or older and is also perfect for a rafting introduction, the Vau-Espiunca is the most challenging of the options with class IV rapids that will put you to the test.

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1Class II rafting: Meitriz-Areinho
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2Class III rafting: Espiunca-Travanca
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