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Sure you can find other places to surf around the European continent, but nothing beats the country of Portugal when it comes to consistency. Portugal is known for a large variety of wave types and most surfable days per year in comparison to other places.

Beginner surf lessons
Beginner surf lessons focus on absolute initiate and also mildly experienced people looking for a quality fun time with surfing in the ocean.

Classes reach from 6 to 8 people per teacher. All lessons are given by certified surf instructors. The theoretical and practical activities taught through out the lessons provide all the students with an opportunity to try and improve on their basic skills.

While surfing can be challenging for some people the overall experience tends to bring a joyful feeling that is commonly spoken about amongst surfers. The main focus for a beginner is to be comfortable enough with themselves and their board in the ocean to manage standing on waves repeatedly.

Any student that manages to improve rapidly on the initial surf techniques can be invited to bump up to advanced surf lessons.

Many people do not have the time to take on surfing and learn it on their own. That's when the beginner surf lessons become the ideal option for them in order to make the best of their time. They will receive professional guidance and lessons from the instructors and commonly achieve better results for the amount of time spent surfing.

If you have surfed before and are not sure which kind of lessons would best suit you, you can find out when you begin, the surf instructor will help with that.

Advanced surf lessons
Advanced surf lessons hold the same format as the beginner surf lessons, but are more focused on the experienced beginners that need further guidance to help them continue with their surfing evolution.

Standing on a moving surf board can turn out to be something easy to do after a while. But when it comes to dropping down the wall of a wave and learning how to bottom turn etc., things become a little more challenging.

The correct guidance with tips and techniques at the right time will help you with your current capabilities. Local knowledge from the experienced instructors will place you at the right place, so you're sitting on the outside when waiting for the next wave or finding out about what to expect from the behaviour of different types of waves.

If you are uncertain if your level of experience is high enough to be in the advanced surf lessons you can find out when you begin. The surf instructor will help you with that.

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Underdog Surf House: Av. António José do Vale 7, 2530-213 Lourinhã Itinéraire
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