Beginner kitesurfing courses on Praia do Guincho, near Lisbon
Beginner kitesurfing courses on Praia do Guincho, near Lisbon
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Have you tried kitesurfing? If the answer is no, then you are missing out on the most exhilarating and fastest growing water sport around.

These courses are ideal for all those who have never tried kitesurfing and wish to start from zero. The courses are designed to take you from zero knowledge to the point where you are riding upwind and ready to try your first jumps.

You'll become a self sufficient rider and get familiar enough with the equipment to set up and go out on your own.

3 day course
This three day kitesurfing course really starts to turn you into a kitesurfer! It fills in all the gaps and builds on your knowledge progressively to give you a solid platform for getting out there and kitesurfing independently anywhere in the world.

The course combines IKO days 1, 2 and 3 and is suitable for people who have no kitesurfing experience at all and it takes you from complete beginner through to independent kitesurfer. 

It’s done in 3 basic steps, firstly you will practice your kite flying skills on dry land in day one with various different kites. Next, you'll combine this with safety drills and flying skills designed to show you how to move through the water with your kite. Day two will culminate with your board starts and first run attempts on the board. Then on day three you'll start to take all the basics you have acquired in days 1 and 2 and hopefully translate them into board riding.

5 day course
The first three days of the 5 days – zero to hero full course is essentially the same content as the “3 day kitesurf course – iko level 1+2 ’’, but with some more exercises because you'll increase the kite control in the first lessons, that way you'll spend more time flying a kite the easier it is to progress with the water kites.

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1IKO 1 + 2: 3 day course
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2IKO 1 + 2: 5 day course
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SBKiteboarding: Praia do Guincho, 2750-642 Guincho (Near Guincho Surf Shop) Itinéraire
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