Kitesurfing lessons in Praia do Guincho near Lisbon
Kitesurfing lessons in Praia do Guincho near Lisbon
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  • Niveau sportif
    de Débutant à Intermédiaire
  • Langues parlées
    anglais, portugais, espagnol
  • Durée
    de 2-3 jrs à 4-7 jrs
  • Saisons d'ouverture:
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Description de l'activité

Take kitesurfing lessons with top quality gear, allowing you to improve quickly, safely and at your own pace. You'll not only learn to kitesurf, but you'll also have fun together with a family member or friend in a group or alone in a private lesson with an expert coach.

Group lessons
The group lessons allow you to make contact with this fabulous water sport, while reaching specific skill objectives with the guidance of the awesome instructors to ensure fast evolution. The development of knowledge regarding techniques and strict safety issues enable each student to achieve success. The IKO instructors respect each, individual learning pace, promoting your skills step-by-step.

Private lessons
One-on-one instruction is the best way to learn, with personalized progression it's faster and even safer to become a kitesurfer with the highest quality possible.

Private courses are for all people and all levels. If you are a beginner and want to learn kiteboarding with your own instructor on 1-to-1 basis, then a private lesson is ideal for you. You will be amazed how quickly you progress. Under the constant monitoring of an expert instructor, you'll receive tailor-made advice and guidance on how to reach your goals, as safely as possible. Your instructor will make sure the program suits your personal objectives and requirements. 

Politique d'annulation: 
1) Si vous annulez plus de 10 jours avant la date prévue de l’activité
→ Vous êtes automatiquement remboursés à 100%

2) Si vous annulez entre 10 jours et 4 jours avant le départ de l’activité
→ Vous serez éligible à un remboursement partiel de 50%

3) Si vous annulez 4 jours ou moins avant le début de l’activité
→ Aucun remboursement ne sera possible


1Group Complete Course: 7 hours
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2Group Advanced Course: 12 hours
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3Private Complete Course: 6 hours
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4Private Advanced Course: 10 hours
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Av. 1 de Maio 56, Costa da Caparica, Portugal Itinéraire
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