Tandem paragliding in Lisca near Sevnica

Tandem paragliding in Lisca near Sevnica
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  • Niveau sportif: Débutant
  • Langues parlées: russe, anglais, croate
  • Condition physique: Débutant
  • Age minimum: 14 ans minimum
  • Durée: 2 h
  • Politique d'annulation: 
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  • Lieu de RDV:
    Gfs Felicijan gostinstvo in kmetijstvo d.o.o., PE restavracija in pizzerija Felicijan
  • Saisons d'ouverture:

Description de l'activité

Disconnect from the everyday and follow the horizon on this tandem paragliding experience in Lisca, near Sevnica.

Harking back to a simpler time when trap and buggy got you from A to B and the woodlands were still alive with the morning chorus of birdsong, the little known yet notoriously quaint town of Lisca reflects the untouched countryside that makes this small area in Sevnica so special. A sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts loved for its quiet mountain trails, Lisca is also the perfect place to take to the skies. Head to the region's evergreen summit for a 30-minute meditative paragliding flight over the postcard-perfect landscape of rural Slovenia.

Based in the Sava Hills, Lisca is in the county of Sevnica - a rural region known for its tidy paths suited to hiking, biking, horseback riding and paragliding. Divided by the Sava River, this pastoral and agricultural heartland is nestled in a valley overlooked by 13th-century castles like the hilltop medieval Grad Sevnica. Ajdovski Gradec is an archaeological site featuring the ruins of a 5th-century village which is best appreciated from the air. Lisca is an hour and a half drive from Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana.

Join your pilot at the meeting point in Lisca/Sevnica for a 30-minute tandem paragliding flight. Travelling to the take-off point together, you will kit up at an altitude of 911m - practising your tandem run before you take flight. Travelling over local landmarks like the enormous Grad Sevnica castle, soar across untouched woodlands and dense forest - counting the different shades of parcelled land as you pass the Sava River. Thanks to the unmotorised nature of paragliding, you can hear all the unique calls of local wildlife as you pilot steers you around the hillside - a meditative moment to reconnect with nature. Touch down at 187 in pasture land and make your way back into town.

Due to the altitude and consistent thermals, this location offers regular paragliding opportunities all year. Prevailing winds may affect flight times - with SE, S, SW only suitable for tandem flights. Exact take-off location is marked by windsock on the south edge of the slope and suitable for multiple flights.


Weight requirements: 25 -100kg

Conditions particulières

Please note activity time & duration subject to weather conditions - please organise with your instructor prior to arrival.

Tandem paragliding has a 1-person to 1-pilot ratio, group flights can be organised depending on capacity.

  • Transport to launch site
  • 15-40 minute tandem paragliding flight
  • Session video footage
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  • Transport to Lisca
A prévoir
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Long sleeves & trousers
Lieu de RDV
Gfs Felicijan gostinstvo in kmetijstvo d.o.o., PE restavracija in pizzerija Felicijan Itinéraire


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