Private Jet Ski Safari on the River Kwai
Private Jet Ski Safari on the River Kwai
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    thaï, français, anglais
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    de 2 h à 3 h
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Description de l'activité

Take a wild jet ski ride over the river Kwai and catch sight of temples, mountains, fish farms, and the jungle on this action packed safari in Kanchanaburi!

This two or three hour private jet ski safari on the river Kwai is the best way you can explore Kanchanaburi and its surroundings. This safari is all adrenaline and all pleasure! The conditions are almost always no wind, no waves, just the calm tropical river. A private guide will be with you the entire way, leading the pace. Slow for the newbies or photographers and fast for those wanting a thrilling ride! 

The program starts after a safety briefing and recommendations by your experienced instructor. Now the safari begins! Fun sharp turns will take you through limestone mountains, fish farms, old temples, and the dam of Tha Muang. You will see more than 10 temples by the river! One special stop will be made to visit the Wat Bam Tam dragon temple and its Buddha inside the cave, built in the 12th century with 707 steps to the top.

Then it’s back on the jet ski riding along the jungle with a great sensation of freedom. You will catch sight of locals living and fishing by the river and if you are lucky, local animals like water buffalo! To end this journey, you will ride on the River Kwai Yai to see the famous bridge over the River Kwai, a place of interest for many tourists in Kanchanaburi due its relation to the Second World War.

You can choose between a 2 hr or 3 hr ride with the latter including an extra 30 mins on the jet skiis. 

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River Kwai Jetski Tours: Located on the river, West Wonder Water Park, Ban Nuea - Kanchanaburi. Possible pick up option for those staying in Kancharburi City. Itinéraire
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