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Get the feeling of freefall without leaving the safety of terra firma thanks to Aerodium Logatec and their state of the art indoor flying school in Logatec - only 30 minutes from Ljubljana.

The story might have started in Latvia, but since 2003 the team at Aerodium in Logatec has been helping to make Slovenia Europe's next big adventure capital. Starting out in event management and moving into international show business, Aerodium has been at the heart of the global indoor skydiving movement since day dot.

Working behind the scenes at movie sets and Olympic games, Aerodium finally brought their business back to Slovenia and opened up their top-secret R&D laboratory to the masses - offering everyone the unique chance to experience what skydiving feels like (from the comfort of an indoor wind tunnel).

A world leader, AERODIUM has been producing wind tunnels and performing shows since 1979. They create, construct and produce vertical wind tunnels for private and commercial use - helping their customers experience the thrilling sensation of freefall - without the need for expensive airplanes, parachutes or airport fees.

More than 400,000 people have flown in AERODIUMwind tunnels in the world - offering children and big kids a chance to a whole new world of extreme G-force and accessible fun. Perfect for training before your first real skydive - or maybe as a taster to see how it feels, AERODIUM's mission is to make flying accessible for everyone and everywhere - guaranteeing that in future, flying in vertical wind tunnels will become just as popular as any other recreational activity.

Head to Slovenia's capital city for an indoor skydiving experience like no other with taster flights for all ages - conveniently located in Logatec, only 30 minutes outside of Ljubljana.

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