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Discover Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon from the air with tandem paragliding experiences in Turkey, courtesy of Airborne Paragliding!

Founded in 2016, Airborne Paragliding represents a collective of passionate and professional paragliders. Specialising in tandem flights, their team offer guests a chance to explore the Turkish shoreline from the sky - offering scenic flights for curious beginners of all ages and abilities.

Based in Babadağ - one of the best paragliding locations in the world, their tandem flights travel over Ölüdeniz, a resort village on the southwest coast of Turkey. It’s known for the blue lagoon of Ölüdeniz Tabiat Parkı and the wide, white Belcekız Beach. With four altitudes to choose from, Airborne flights are conducted from Babadağ mountain - with a maximum altitude of 1964m above sea level!

Oludeniz is Turkey's top destination for tandem paragliding. Babadag comes straight out of the sea and provides a perfect flying site for every direction. Light winds ensure a smooth flight - whilst sunset is arguably the best time to experience this bucket list location.

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