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The Sierra de Cuenca region, east of Madrid, is home to Asdon Aventura, a team of experts in whitewater sports, mountains sports and professional outdoor guides.

Asdon Aventura started operations in 1989 and since then they been offering many outdoor enthusiasts the chance of exploring one of the best natural areas of Spain: the Sierra de Cuenca region.

With the objective of allowing anyone to be part of the best possible adventure sports activities, Asdon Aventura works hard in improving their outings making sure that every single one happends in the best possible way.

Asdon Aventura takes special care in your enjoyment so you can feel the intensity of experiencing bungee jumping, kayaking, rafting, quad biking and other awesome sports they have to offer!

With a customized approach and tailoring to groups of any kind (families, friends, workmates, etc.), the team will make sure you have lots of fun so you can go back home with a smile on your face!

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