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Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School provide kitesurfing lessons around the Brighton area on the south coast of the UK.

IKO qualified instructor Chris Miles is an experienced teacher and skilled kitesurfer based in Brighton. 

He has been a teacher / instructor for the last 14 years in one form or another. Originally Chris was cabin crew flying long haul around the world to various islands in the Caribbean. Leading on after that he spent a number of years in different parts of the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Ibiza working as a Dive Instructor.

After a short spell in Bogota, Colombia, where he set up his own English language school, Chris returned to Brighton and has been teaching English for the past few years at a local school.

He came across kiteboarding in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic in 2003 and wanted to start then but a number of illnesses held him back till 2007. Kitesurfing did not come easily to him and he was never a “natural surfer”. Chris remembers thinking at his IKO instructor training, 'these guys are going to be better than me, jump higher, with more style and know more tricks'.

He was not entirely wrong, but fortunately being a good instructor lies in your ability to communicate ideas and inspire confidence and this is what Chris hopes you gain from your time with him, whether you come alone or with friends, you will have a great day irrespective of your learning pace.

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