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Discover New Zealand's first & only indoor skydiving centre - courtesy of iFLY.

Based in the extreme sports capital of the world, there's no better place for New Zealand's premier indoor skydiving centre than Queenstown. With a legacy born & bred in the aviation industry, the team at iFly have been offering exclusive indoor skydiving experiences at their high-tech wind lab since 2012.

Offering everyday enthusiasts the power of flight, iFly technology brings together the rush of freefall with the innovation of controlled flight, allowing children of all ages a chance to experience what it's like to fall 12,000ft - without leaving the ground.

iFLY Queenstown’s vertical wind tunnel creates an exact replica of the freefall wind that makes skydiving possible. Like nothing you've experienced before, cut the lines and learn to use your body to move in the airflow - free from any complicated kit!

If you close your eyes, you won't be able to tell the difference between skydiving from a plane, and flying in iFLY’s wind tunnel on Brecon Street! Allowing you total control over your ride, indoor skydiving is an excellent way of improving your skydiving skills - or just getting some experience before your first jump!

The true test of an adrenaline junkie, experience pure freefall with indoor skydiving experiences in Queenstown, courtesy of iFLY and their next generation wind tunnel technology.

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