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If you would like to experience the polar nights, Spitzbergen Adventures can offer you thought-provoking and unique activities for a truly reasonable price.

Doreen Lampe, the head guide, comes from the northern part of Germany, but had already spent half of her life in Norway (Tromsø), before the famously irresistible “Svalbard fever” infected her and she moved to Spitsbergen in 2009.

In 2002, Doreen came into contact with the island for the first time; she was working as a cruise guide on the Hurtigruten ship, MS Nordstjernen, which was sailing westward along the archipelago.

Doreen is an accredited guide with a great deal of tour experience. She also boasts vital knowledge in the fields of search & rescue, avalanches, and glaciers. She is an active member of the Longyearbyen Red Cross, and has completed more than 60 hours of first aid training. Doreen is easily recognisable by her ever-present smile; she truly loves her work.

Thomas Risch, the head of sales, is the first point of contact for clients. He has been living in Norway since 2009 and first went to Spitsbergen in the summer of 2010. He was a member of an aerial survey crew, working on a glacier monitoring project for the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Totally fascinated by Spitsbergen, he has often been back, both in the winter and summer seasons. Thomas loves to call on his first hand experience to advise you, and this is what enables you to piece together your perfect stay on the island.

Thomas and Doreen are both renowned for their dedication to the job and attention to detail. Their professional and service-oriented approach to their work is greatly appreciated by the clients.

The spot:
In February, when the light slowly returns, the sky has a glossy royal blue hue. The northern lights are dancing in shades of green, always a most amazing performance by one of nature’s veritable treasures.

In March the city celebrates the return of the sun. For a week there are concerts and a whole host of events. It’s finally day again!

If you would like to experience the polar nights, Spitzbergen Adventures can offer you thought-provoking and unique activities for a truly reasonable price. From February to the middle of May they offer snowmobile excursions to a variety of destinations. The excursions are specially planned for small groups, which makes them more personal and rewarding for the guests.

In collaboration with a local husky farm, Spitzbergen Adventures also provide dog sledding outings under the northern lights. Apart from the panting of the dogs, everything is tranquil. The silence and majesty of Mother Nature is uniquely enjoyable. The tours last several days and include overnight stays in a tent. In both seasons you will be given a brief safety instruction programme before you leave the town.


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