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Experience the Balinese landscape from above on tethered hot air balloon experiences, courtesy of The Chedi Club.

Founded in 2004, The Chedi Club is Bali's premier themed hot air balloon provider - offering static aerial experiences in Ubud. Anchored 23m up in the air, The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud hot air balloon opens the gate on its wicker basket for rides three times a day.

The Chedi Club’s new adventure is the only ballooning opportunity on the Island of the Gods, and the first such initiative launched by a resort. Situated in the traditional rice paddies of Ubud, the tethered experience is the perfect way to experience the natural drama of the Indonesian island.

Each flight climbs 50 metres above the resort’s rice fields, and floats at the end of a tether while passengers drink in views of Mt. Agung in the near distance, expansive rice fields below, the forests of Ubud and the 5-hectare estate of Hendra Hadiprana, now The Chedi Club.

With multiple flights scheduled at dawn, in the late afternoon/early evening and just after moonrise, each experience sets sail with a maximum of two adults - offering an intimate experience followed by a luxury meal in the hotel garden.

Head to The Chedi Club in Ubud for this exceptional hot air balloon experience in Bali!


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