Part of the 7 counties of the province of Gerona, Gironès is located in the middle of the counties of Empdorà, Alta Garrotxa, Selva and Pla de l’Estany. The area is surrounded by indescribable beauty, providing tons of options for extreme sports lovers to enjoy!

Canet d’Adri is a municipality in the area that is better described as the canyoning paradise of Gironès. Due to the Rocacorba Mountains, which are part of the volcanic cone of Banya de Boc, there are many itineraries through challenging ravines to complete.

The passing of the Ter River, gives white-water sports enthusiasts the perfect spot for kayaking and rafting. The 208km river is the longest and mightiest of the Catalan internal basins, so write it down on your bucket list and row in its rapids.

Mountain bikers can unveil the millions of tracks of Les Gaverres Massifs. Only the most fearless of riders can attempt to ride down the downhill trails filled with obstacles. Or ride up the Gulliers Massif and delight with the panoramas of the Onyar River and the pre-coastal mountain range.

Trekkers and nature lovers can explore the Massis of l’Ardenya (also known as Massis de Cadiretes), a Catalan coastal range where rugged shores meet the mountains and award thrill-seekers with breath-taking views.

Not only you have many more exciting activities to enjoy from but you’re also just a 30 minute drive away from the stunning beaches of Costa Brava. An hour and a half to get to the Pyrenees and 2 hours to cross over to France! You have absolutely anything within reach and a plethora of adrenaline-charged sports to try out.

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