Adventure dives in Kefalonia

Adventure dives in Kefalonia

Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level: Intermediate
  • Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Greek
  • Fitness level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 2-3 days
  • Cancellation policy: 
    super flexibleFREE cancellation with full refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity.
  • Meeting point:
    Aquatic Dive Center- 1 Marinou Antipa str., Agia Efimia, Kefalonia
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

The 6 dives package offers a unique opportunity to experienced divers to dive in various spots all around the island. You can choose from a list of 6 different dives to discover the shipwrecks of Christine Iome and the Romans wreck that has been in the sea since the ancient times. If you are not a big fan of ships, there is also the Junkers 88 bomber airplane that lies in a depth of 22 meters since the WW II. You can also dive down to discover the HMS Perseus submarine - an intact submarine since the WW II which is an extraordinary dive. If you prefer the natural underwater scenery you can explore the Cyclops Cave, or the St. Andrews reef. However, the diving sites depend on the experience of the diver. 

You will have two dives per day following the schedule of the diving team with one dive in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you feel like having only one dive per day you can arrange the schedule with the diving instructors. All the diving equipment is included with one tank per dive. All dive sites along the island's coastline are accessed by boat. During the dive each instructor leads up to 6 divers while most dives are multilevel in order for you to see and enjoy as much as possible. All dives end with a safety stop. Average dive time is 45 minutes.

The dive spots

Christine lome (Smugglers wreck)

In the west of Kefalonia only 20 minutes from the famous Mirtos beach lies a small ferry sunk whilst transporting three trucks from the island, two remain inside but the other is separated by a few meters from the wreck. For certified divers only - recommended open water certification. 

Time from shop:1 hour 45 min / 20 min by car
Depth: 14 – 25 meters

Roman Wreck

Sitting a stone's throw from Antisamos Beach, made famous by the movie ‘Captain Corellis mandolin’ lies an ancient roman wreck. Sunk on the rocks around 2000 years ago the vessel itself has long since rotted, but left behind over 1000 amphora’s to be enjoyed at depths from 5 to 25 meters. And the more experienced can descend to 35 to see the ships anchor. For certified divers only - recommended open water certification. 

Time from Shop: 25 min
Depth: 6 – 35meters

Junkers 88 (WW2airplane)

Lying in the south east of Ithaca in view of the St Ioannis church lies a German Junkers 88D bomber. Falling victim to an English war ship the plane lies in 2 sections on the sea bed. Due to its aluminium construction the engine is uncorroded and visible in 22 meters of water with the tail section also accessible in 36 meters of water. This dive demands adequately qualified and experienced divers.

Time from shop: 40 min
Depth: 22 – 36 meters


Lying deep a mile off Skala in the south of Kefalonia is one of the largest submarines in the British fleet at the time. Fully intact the sub was sunk by German depth charges. Due to its depth this dive is reserved for only highly experienced divers, however penetration is restricted by local law and respect the 60 lost crew ww2 grave. This dive demands adequately qualified and experienced divers.

Time from shop: 1 hr 30 min
Depth 44 meters +

Cyclops Cave

In northern Ithaki within view of the picturesque village of Fiskardo Kefalonia starts a wall stretching from 16 to 46 meters. At 16 meters it is possible to swim into the spacious cave, there is also another entrance at 35 meters making the upper exits brilliantly bright and vividly blue from below. Due to its depth and the overhead environment only for highly experienced divers.

Time from shop:40 min
Depth: 16 – 35 meters

St. Andrew's wall / Reef

In front of the idyllic St Andrew's bay on the south west of the legendary island of Ithaki starts an awesome vertical wall dive. From the surface the wall drops to 35 meters offering spectacular views in all directions. The wall is lined with beautiful feather duster worms and sponges. Finishing the dive several amphora’s are visible making a home for octopus and other creatures. For certified divers - open water certification is adequate. 

Time from shop: 25 min
Depth: 12 – 35 meters

Offer Description


With this dive package you will have two dives per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to discover the most precious underwater spots in Kefalonia. 

Activity requirements

You need to be a certified diver to dive in most of the spots. Minimum Open Water Certification or equivalent needed.

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Meeting point
Aquatic Dive Center- 1 Marinou Antipa str., Agia Efimia, Kefalonia Get directions


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