Northern Lights Adventure in Swedish Lapland
Northern Lights Adventure in Swedish Lapland
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sport level
  • Spoken languages
    English, Swedish
  • Duration
    4 hrs
  • Opening seasons:
    • J
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    • M
    • A
    • M
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Activity description

Experience Mother Nature's most impressive optical illusion on this Northern Lights adventure in Swedish Lapland.

A trip that combines the Arctic's most iconic attractions, follow the aurora borealis through Swedish Lapland on this adventure package near Lulea. A chance to combine two traditional forms of transport under the glow of the aurora borealis, this is a bucket list experience that ticks all the boxes!

This activity is run and operated from a traditional farmhouse 30-minutes drive outside Lulea - a northerly county in Sweden. Situated on the outskirts of the Taiga (boreal forest), this area is part of Swedish Lapland.

Meet the team at the activity base near Lulea for this Northern Lights adventure. Combining two of the region's most iconic winter sports, during this guided tour, you'll get to hike through the world's largest biosphere the old fashioned way and take the reigns as you learn how to mush your own team of huskies! Like all great adventures in Lapland, your excursion starts with kitting up in the right equipment (snow boots, outerwear and snowshoes). Wrapping up, you'll set off into the Taiga for a 2-hour hike - using crampons and poles to make your way through the frozen forest - following the aurora borealis to a traditional log cabin.  Enjoy a fireside dinner before you meet your pack and harness up - learning the commands and techniques you"ll need to navigate the trail ahead. Controlling up to 8 dogs, cruise back through the snow-laden forest at night - illuminated by a torch to help you pick your path through the snow. Reaching the camp, mark the moment with some photos and well-deserved belly rubs before you head back to Lulea.

Operating during the winter season from December to March, this activity is suitable for anyone of reasonable physcial fitness from 8 years and up. Adult and junior snowshoes available.

minimum 8 y/o
Cancellation policy: 
moderate1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

2) Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
→ You are entitled to a 50% refund

3) 4 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, is considered last-minute cancellations
→ No refund will be made
  • Lead Guide & Equipment
  • Dinner & Light Refreshments
  • Pick-Up/Drop-off (400 SEK)
Do not forget to bring
Do not forget to bring
  • Snow Boots
  • Winter Outerwear
  • Scarf, Beanie, Gloves
Meeting point
Ale Byaväg 546, 975 91 Luleå, Sweden Get directions
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