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Located in Cannigione, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, and just a couple of nautical miles away from the La Maddalena National Park, the Areamare dive center began operations in 1989 and has acquired a thorough knowledge of all seabeds of the National Park.

Areamare is managed by Patricia, a passionate scuba-diver for whom it is inconceivable not to dive every day and have fun while diving! All the team at Areamare has a similar philosophy: if the staff has fun, so will the other divers!

The dive center has also always operated with a focus on respecting and protecting the underwater flora and faura, and on delivering a top quality service for the divers. This is why the dive center is sized to accommodate a limited number of people only.
Indeed, Areamare never forgets that most clients are on vacation when they come to dive, and therefore, everything is organized to ensure that they have the most pleasant and undisturbed diving experience. For example, guided dives are performed with a limited number of participants and excursions are organized with plenty of extra time, making sure that every diver has a peaceful and relaxing diving experience, just like it should be!

All excursions with Areamare include two dives at two different sites in order to allow participants to observe different marine landscapes in the same day.

To ensure the best possible diving experience, the team at Areamare always provides transportation and the preparation of all equipment, so that the participants, once they arrive at the dive centre, just need to put their wetsuits on and have nothing else to do but get onboard.

Areamare is open all year long.

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