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Husky Tours Lapland is a family owned and operated company that will take you on an unconventional mushing trip. All the warmth of a small company but with the professionalism of a big tour operator!

Kent and Jordana started their company more than 10 years ago. Now, they have a little son that is also, in a way, part of the company! In comparison to some of the larger more commercial companies in the area, they are quite a young company. Nevertheless, they have extensive knowledge of the dogs, the area and all the know-how that other companies offer. They have the unique advantage of having freelanced for most of the companies in the surrounding Kiruna and Icehotel area, this has given them a great insight into what others offer and what they think they can do better!

Equipped with the experience of how others work in addition to their extensive knowledge of the Nordic regions, tourist guiding, dog care as well as behavior and racing, they offer guests a unique blend of active and adventurous dog sledding trips!

The expanding tourism in Kiruna and Icehotel area made them want to get away from the mass tourism and thus they started their kennel in an area around 30 min drive south from Kiruna. There they have the freedom to enjoy nature, just them and their dogs, enjoying the company of their "neighbors", the moose and the reindeer!

Being away from everyone allows Husky Tours Lapland to enjoy the true environment and wilderness as it should be!

Husky Tours Lapland

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À faire ! Dommage qu’on n’ait pas pu conduire
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Personnel agréable mais dommage que l’on ait pas pu essayer de conduire le traîneau. Et un peu pressés par le temps.

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