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The beautiful underwater paradise that flourishes around the Catania coastline is all thanks to an old foe... Mt Etna.

A testament to the rich diversity of sea life made possible by Etna's omnipotent impact on the Italian island, fishing communities like Catania reflect what lies beneath - a Meditteranean playground of secret coves, coral forests and bustling communities of marine mammals and fish.

Exploring these aquamarine inlets and protecting the population of wildlife that has made Sicily a scuba diving hotspot is Jonio Pro-Dive. Named after the local cave network that has become a second home, this team of marine biologists and PADI dive experts offer a unique insight into a world nourished by the nutrient-rich sediment of mighty Mt. Etna.

Offering a range of introduction to scuba diving and specialist night dives along the Catania coast, underwater enthusiasts will have a chance to discover a unique tropic world - with seahorses, rays, barracudas and even octopuses native to their dive sites across Grotta Jonica, Grotta dell'amore and the Arco Grande.

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Extra !
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Personne très gentille, parlant français couramment.

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Jino dive pro

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Internet on cherchait des plongées

Plongée à Catane
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