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Take flight and soar above the picturesque landscapes of Rome, Milano, Siena, and Lucca/Capannori with one of the most renowned hot air balloon operators in Italy!

With an absolute passion for the sport of hot air ballooning, Milano Mongolfiere respectfully considers themselves as true professionals in the hot air ballooning community. Their experienced fleet takes value in the quality and safety of their hot air balloon flights which is reflected in their licenses by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and Commercial Passenger Transport and Pilot School.

Since 2010, they have provided people from all around the world with unforgettable hot air balloon flights! Their focus is centered on:

Safety: All of Milano Mongolfiere’s balloon aircraft are new, and they take pride in making periodical check in order to ensure the quality of their hot air balloons. They also have a pilot school to train new pilots to their high-quality standards.

Respecting the rules: The entire fleet has a contract that abides by national law. They are also insured for the specific risks within the aeronautical sector.  

- Protecting the environment: They are careful to cause minimal impact on the environment. This is reflected in their usage of environmentally-friendly fuels and how they operate.

- Transparency towards their clients: They are 100% open to responding to any questions, and they have published the complete rates, certifications, and terms and conditions on their website.

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