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Mountain biking might be new to the rugged landscape of rural Ireland, but has been tearing up the country's largest National Park since before MTB was even a thing...

Passionate, likeminded two-wheelers, is a community of world champion riders and experienced guides - all on a shared on a mission to make this exhilarating downhill past time - a national sport. 

Transforming the sleepy towns and tranquil fens of County Wicklow into an assault course of killer switchbacks, hairpin singletracks, unpredictable dirt roads and epic descents, their team of dedicated MBLA instructors offer a selection of enduro/cross country excursions and lessons for anyone ready to push their limits in this stunning pastoral backdrop.

Offical flagbearers for the Emerald Enduro, the Irish leg of the Enduro World Series and international award winners, is bringing mountain biking to the masses with accessible and highly-addictive riding packages for every type of adventure nomad.

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