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Canyoning New Zealand started in October 2015 so that the team could share their passion with other adventurers.

​Canyoning is an activity that allows you to see right into the heart of some pure, raw and amazing New Zealand scenery.

Being operators allows Canyoning New Zealand to live it and love it! Your safety is their top priority, closely followed by ensuring you're offered the most exciting canyoning experience ever.

Even though the company is small, they keep it personalised with 3 different canyon options for all ages and abilities!

Life is a big adventure and an excursion with Canyoning New Zealand should definitely be a part of it!

The environment
Canyoning New Zealand is privileged to be able to share these special canyoning locations with their customers.

They take special care when walking through the beautiful New Zealand landscapes because the lands, the plants and the animals are all precious.
Their promise is to always endeavour to enhance the parks used and make it accessible to people who may not otherwise use it.
Canyoning New Zealand shares the same objectives as the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC).

It's important to prevent, where possible, the further decline or loss of indigenous species from both within the park and adjacent lands and waters and to support the communities actions for protecting threatened species.

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