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The ultimate Mediterranean reef and wreck island that delivers on both colourful marine life and wartime remembrance, Malta's small island is perfect for both nature and history buffs - if only you knew where to look... 

With over 30 year's experience on the small island, the team at Dive Med have an intimate knowledge of the area's many caves, reefs and wrecks - offering boat and shore dives for Open Water PADI divers looking to explore world-renowned underwater features like Um el Faroud wreck, Double Arch Reef and HMS Maori.

Divemed is run by a Maltese family; they have been diving around the waters of Malta, Gozo and Comino since the 1969 and have never stopped being amazed and inspired by the beautiful waters and all they have to offer. Marsascala is an old fishing village built around a long narrow inlet, Marsaskala Creek. The locals often refer to the village as Wied il-Ghajn, which means the valley of the freshwater spring.

This picturesque bay is truly a sight to see with its traditional Maltese boats peppered across the water during the day and the shimmering streetlights reflecting on the surface of the inky black water at night.

A small island with a huge naval history, exploring the shoreline of Malta's is like nothing you've ever seen before. Scattered with ancient wrecks that write the peninsular's history in rusted maritime skeletons that lie along pristine sandbanks, diving in Malta tells a tale of war and peace.

A chequered past punctuated by sunken ships and WWII wreckage, there is also a lot of life in the rich waters around Malta, One of Malta’s most popular dive sites is the Blue Hole, located on the west coast of Gozo. The dive begins in a pool at 40 feet (12 meters), and leads through a crevice – your window to the ocean’s clear blue waters and the octopus and lobster that live amongst the rock formations. Mediterranean parrotfish – bright orange with silver and yellow markings – will also greet you. Advanced divers can marvel at the atmospheric water reflections in the deeper caves.

Offering a huge selection of shore and boat dives for every level and interest, DiveMed has something to offer even the most discerning deepsea diver - with exciting sites like the colorful, sandy bottoms caves to the British Destroyer that sleeps on the seabed at 42m.

Join Divemed in Malta for taster scuba diving sessions and intensive PADI courses from the Marsaskala shoreline and beyond...

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