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Pierre Frolla is a world record holder, extreme diver, educator, underwater cameraman, and more. He'll help you discover the subaquatic world of the Mediterranean Sea during freediving excursions.

In 1994, Pierre Frolla began to practice freediving in the harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer. Student at the Nice sports school, he spent his time studying to become a sports teacher and training in the sea. After a serious shoulder injury at the 1995 Judo World Championship that ended his career in this sport, he dedicated himself to apnea.

The Monegasque freediver imposes himself in variable weight by becoming three times record holder of France (-80 m, -82 m, -90 m). After a serious accident at -108m during a training for the world record, he chose to practice free immersion, one of the three freediving competitive disciplines. In 1999, he became world record holder of this discipline.

In 2000, he reached the depth of 73 meters and broke his second world record. Then in 2001, he improved his record reaching 80 meters. In 2002, Pierre created L'Ecole Bleue freediving club based in Monaco. In 2004, he earned his fourth world record in the variable weight category, an extreme discipline where he reached 123 meters.

Then, he decided to stop the competition after many accidents, including the death of Loïc Leferme in 2007. Since that year, Pierre Frolla became ambassador and vice-president of the National Technical Committee of the Monegasque Federation of Underwater Activities.

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