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Cyrill, the Poyo Surf Club founder is from Guadeloupe and started surfing in 1983 on the spot of Damencourt at Moule. Let's say he knows a bit about surfing on this island!

The part of surfing that attracted him in the first place was the feeling of gliding on the waves of course, but also the relationship with nature and the sea. His surfing is ecological and respectful of the environment in which he grew up.

He started teaching in 2003, with 20 years of practice and opened his own school in 2005 to incorporate his Poyo philosophy: "i.e., Green Banana, a surf respecting nature." He adapts his lessons and courses to match the expectations of beginners as well as experienced surfers and he has developed a real community around Poyo in Guadeloupe but also in the Caribbean and France.

Surfing in Guadeloupe
It's awesome! The variety of surf spots allows the school to always be able to adapt to the weather, tides and especially to the level and goals of the students. They are all within easy reach, so you're sure to find waves to ride all year!

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