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Skualo Portocolom is located on the east coast of the island and has easy access to spots between Calas de Mallorca to Cala Barca.

The tops dive spots are located between Cala Varques and Cala Sa Nau. The Marine Nature Reserve has become one of the most coveted diving spots.

If you like water, but prefer to keep your head above the surface, why not take your entire family to visit the Sea-Cave-Adventure in Cueva de Coloms, also known as the Pirate's Cave.

Discover Portocolom like never before through a wide variety of water activities.

The centre owns two speedboats and has a friendly and qualified team, who are happy to greet you when you come for a visit.

The spot
Portocolom is one of the most picturesque retreats of the island. It houses numerous virgin coves and beaches that are surrounded by heavenly beauty. The largest is Cala Marçal, many others are accessible by boat.

With Skualo Portocolom you have the opportunity to dive at the Faralló d’en Fred, and to visit Cala Varques and the Cova des Coloms at Cala Falcó.

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