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Imagine. . .

You are in the wild. All your senses wide awake, you see and hear everything around you, sense the fragance of the forest in your nose, a gentle breeze caressing your cheeks and soft mosses cooling your feet. You even sense the whispers of the unseen.

You move through the landscape with keen awareness, agility and ease as if you were a part of nature. You actually belong to it, you know naturally how to find food, shelter and warmth out there and everything else you need to live.

Nature is your homeplace you share with close friends: animals and plants and all living beings.

Does this sound good to you? Do you want to experience some of it? Or a little bit more? You have come to the right place then.

Welcome to the wilds – and to Wilderness Life!

Thoralf Rumswinkel - Founder and head of Wilderness Life
Born and raised at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, Thoralf has lived in Nord-Østerdalen, Norway, for many years. The rough Norwegian nature is his companion, teacher, challenger and healer in his everyday life.

Living amid the extensive wilderness gives him deep experiences and a strong connection with nature. These gifts are 'good medicine' to him, something that everyone could benefit from. It is his aim to share these benefits, and pass them on to others: to immerse into a fresh natural world, to connect with nature and to grow personally.

His knowledge has increased thanks to his many different experiences and training programmes in the fields of wilderness guiding, outdoor training, nature connection and mentoring, from nature itself and from his long experience. All this know-how contributes to the wilderness tours and courses he leads, and to all his activity as the founder and head of Wilderness Life.

”People are created for a life closely connected to nature; it is my mission to support individuals, groups and organisations in increasing their connection to nature, self and community.” – Thoralf Rumswinkel, Wilderness Life

Wilderness Life

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